Dryer Deep Internal Cleaning Vegas

 Dryer internal gas coils cleaning from lint, the internal silent fire hazard


  1. Cleaning your dryer with the little lint brushes by far is not enough
  2. We are are professional appliance repair company, so we know how to handle your dryer !
  3. We will remove all fire hazard lint from the inside the dryer.
  4. We will clean it professionally.
  5. You will be pleased with the results, guaranteed!
  6. We will test run it for you.
  7. We will install your Dryer air vent.
  8. We will set the factory recommended clearance for your dryer from the wall ( if all the way possible)
  9. We will test run it for you again.
  10. You can always call us with any questions and concerns and they will be answered free of charge.
  11. We will teach you how to preserve your dryer working perfectly for the longest time. It is a trade secret so we can not publish it.
  12. We will teach you how to prevent unnecessary service call for your dryer heating problems. 
  13. Emergency services are available no matter how late it is.

Dryer vent cleaning Vegas. We are here to help you!


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