F.A.Q. Dryer Vent Cleaning Las Vegas

There is a popular misconception about the exact parts of the dryer vent. There is a belief held by some people which makes them assume that the lint trap which needs cleaning each time the dryer is used should be the vent. The tube behind the dryer is called dryer vent and it connects the dryer to a wall and has a length that runs until it’s gradually moves out of the house though the vent hood situated at the side wall or on the roof.

Yes, it is very important to get dryer vents cleaned as they are among the major causes of fire outbreak in American homes. On average, about 15,000 cases of fires from dryers are been reported yearly leading to a loss of $110 million. There is a need to clean the dryer vents at some point.

We at Revolff Dryer Vent Cleaning recommend inspection and cleaning of the vent be done once every six months. Although, this cleaning can be done at intervals and this depends on many factors. A good recommendation is to carry out this cleaning between 6 and 12 months and this depends on:

  • If the dryer is used very often then it will need to be cleaned more often.
  • A vent with several bends and elbows will allow more lint more than a straight one.
  • Your dryer’s age if more than 10 years it should be cleaned regularly.
  • A dryer vent with a 5 feet length or less needs to be cleaned as much as a dryer vent with a 15 feet length or more. The more the length, the more buildup and clogging with lint.
  • A dryer with full size is better than one with a stackable or a compact dryer.

In most situation the issue is from the dryer. However, if the dryer still gets hot and yet the clothes are not being dried up in good time, let’s say 45 minutes with a standard loading; then it’s an indication that the dryer vent is due for cleaning.

When a dryer vent gets clogged, hot air doesn’t flow out and moisture is trapped in the dryer, making it difficult for the clothes to dry. We get many referrals by dryer repairmen who answered calls on broken dryers just to discover that the actual problem is from the vent. More disturbing is the call gotten from a person who goes out and buys a new dryer with the thought that the old dryer is worn out and then discovers that a new one isn’t better either as a result of the dryer been clogged and faulty.

  • If after one cycle of drying, your clothes are left hot.
  • Dryer becomes hot while been operated.
  • When a dryer takes more time to dry clothes.
  • When there is accumulation of lint on the dryer.

Yes, in certain situation you can. If you’ve got a short dryer vent maybe 4 feet or less, you can do the cleaning yourself. However if you have dryer vent longer than 4 feet we don’t recommend doing it yourself. 

Yes, the dryer is an expensive appliance to use in homes. When the vent is properly cleaned regularly in the year, you will be able save up to 20$ in your monthly utility bill.

No, the dryer vent has to be made up of a solid metallic ducting, no need of screws to hold together the tubing, and it should also have the right metal tape for holding the joints up.

Due to our trainings as professionals specialized in the cleaning of the dryer vent; our services are carried out efficiently. We also provide the best recommendations to ensure the safety of your home. We get most of our clients on referral and our satisfied customers do not hesitate to give us amazing reviews.

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