Dryer Vent Cleaning

  • We will start with a pre-inspection of the dryer duct looking for damages, proper connection, and conditions of the duct check air velocity outside with the dryer running prior to cleaning process.
  • Insertion of a 4” – 6” brush into the duct releasing all lint and debris from dryer unit all the way to the dryer duct exit (side or roof of the building).
  • High air pressure Positive/Negative pressure will be used to Pressurize the entire run of the duct to thoroughly clean and clear the duct.
  • A 2 stage HEPA filter vacuum will be used to remove and disposal lint and debris at all time of the cleaning process.
  • Inspect and clean flexible transition duct.
  • Clean back of dryer and dryer exhaust duct.
  • Conduct final check and make sure dryer is working correctly.
  • Test it again, and make sure is working good.