Dryer Vent Cleaning Las Vegas

We are top rated dryer vent cleaning Las Vegas company. The United States Fire Administration report states that yearly more than 2900 home fires are caused by dryers as a result of built of lint due to lack of maintenance by the owner. Lint is contained in each laundry that passes through the dryer, most especially small particles of clothes and loosened fabrics from clothes as a result of the washing. The lint filter you have does not catch all the lint so the lint starts to build up in the vent causing restriction of the airflow and overheating which may result in igniting a fire inside your dryer..

 The warning signs of a lint build up that indicates the dryer system should be cleaned immediately:

  • It takes longer time to dry off the clothes.
  • The clothes are hotter than normal at the end of the drying cycle.
  • The dryer becomes very hot outside
  • The temperature of the laundry room becomes more humid than usual.
  • Your smell something burning in the laundry room.
  • You get “Airflow restriction” error on your dryer.

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It is very important to clean your dryer vent every 6 months. This will keep your house safe and extend the life of your dryer. Also if you clean regulatory your dryer vent this will reduce your bill. Call Revolff Dryer Vent Cleaning and schedule your service today. You can always trust the professional team at dryer vent cleaning Las Vegas.

How we clean:

  • We will remove the transition duct attached to the dryer and the wall and clean up lint and debris.
  • We will look into the ventilation pipe and inspect it before we start work.
  • We will clean your dryer vent with special powerful vacuum cleaner and special brush that goes all the way inside the vent.
  • Using anemometer we will check the air flow.
  • We will provide you picture before and after we clean your vent.